Staging Santa Fe Homes to SELL!

There are a few basic principles that can make all the difference in getting your house sold. The most basic is that most people cannot live in a house the way they sell a house. This means that, for a short period of time, as your house is being sold, you will be uncomfortable. Things you are used to seeing will be put away. You will be scrubbing the kitchen sink much more than usual. And, of course the beds will have to be made everyday there is a showing. Showings come at irregular times so the best policy is just to keep your house picture perfect all the time. Here are a few basic tips to getting your Santa Fe Home looking good for sale:

1. Put away or, ideally, pack up all family pictures. This will save time later. You want potential Buyers to imagine themselves and their family in the house. You don’t want them wondering about you and your family.

2. Pack up almost everything that is on the surface of every table, counter, sideboard, bureau, nightstand etc One lovely, and strategically placed, item per surface may be OK but in general the more spare, the better. You want Buyers to imagine their things in the house.

3. Put any extra furniture, that clogs the space, in the garage, give it to a family member for safe keeping or sell it in a garage sale. You want your home to look as much like a “model” home as possible. Again less is more. A few nice items to indicate proportion and size is much better than all that heavy furniture you inherited. If you are living in the house while you are selling it, keep enough around to live simply but make it as easy as you can. The less you have to dust and clean the easier the process will be for you.

4. Arrange the furniture so there is a feeling of openness. Don’t have big chairs or couches, with their backs to doors that are used. You want the furniture arrangement to invite people into the room.

5. Focus on color. Make sure everything is not beige. Beige floor, beige, walls and beige furniture are not appealing to the eye. If this is what you have, make sure you add colorful flower arrangements, colorful wall hangings, colorful throw rugs or afghans.

6. Do not smoke in the house – ever. Non-smokers can tell a house that has been smoked in instantly and they will leave instantly. This seriously limits your pool of Buyers. Many smokers are just not aware of just how very pervasive the smell of cigarette smoke is. If you smoke, you will probably need to replace your carpet and repaint your house and only smoke outside from then on.

7. If you have animals, you will need to be very fastidious about keeping them clean and cleaned up after. Keep litter boxes smelling good and have friends who will be honest tell you if they can smell anything unpleasant. Nothing is worse for the sale of a house than anything that smells bad.

8. Do not use those synthetic air fresheners. They make Buyers feel that you are trying to cover something up.

To sum up make your house appealing to the senses in every possible way: Keep it simple and beautiful and you will have buyers knocking on your door!! It is just a matter of making the most of your Santa Fe Home!