Santa Fe Gardens

Santa Fe Gardens Artists live in almost every Santa Fe heart and are nowhere more present than in our gardeners. Santa Fe gardens are just beginning to wake up again for the season. I noticed pink buds on a fruit tree outside my house, and the green leaves of my perennials are just beginning to emerge. Daffodils, of course, are blooming happily and tulips will be out again in full force soon.

Santa Fe Gardens Often Hidden

If you have never seen a Santa Fe garden, it is a sight not to miss. Santa Feans create surprise gardens in courtyards, behind walls in unexpected nooks and crannies with fountains and drip irrigation. Easy care can be gorgeous. Often you will drive up to a home where the landscape looks and is “au naturale” and then you walk into the courtyard to find a stunning array of color, scents and little private spaces to sit and enjoy. Truly a gardening masterpiece!