Santa Fe Eastside Culture – Los Cinco Pintores

Santa Fe’s Eastside is where many of the defining events in Santa Fe’s history occurred. Art and Santa Fe have been intertwined for generations. One of the most colorful and earliest artist groups to settle in Santa Fe was called Los Cincos Pintores (The five painters) which included. Josef Bakos, Fremont Ellis, Walter Mruk, Willard Nash and Will Schuster. They held their first exhibit at the Museum of Fine Art in Santa Fe on December 21, 1921

Los Cinco Pintores lived in a compound of homes on Camino del Monte Sol. Amazingly three of their former Santa Fe homes are currently on the market. Will Schuster’s house is located at 580 Camino del Monte Sol and is listed for $795,000, Josef Bakos’s house is listed at $1,299,200 and can be found at 576 Camino del Monte Sol and at 566-568 Camino del Monte Sol for $2,500,000 you can find Willard Nash’s home.

So much has been written about these five wonderful artists but a couple of interesting facts; Will Schuster designed the original Zozobra figure ,.which is recreated and burned every year in September as part of Fiesta in Santa Fe. The five artists living on Camino del Monte Sol were often called, “the five nuts in the adobe mud huts”!

If you or anyone you know might be interested in owning a piece of Santa Fe’s history please let me know. I would love to show you these homes.