Indian Market Starts Monday!

Palace of the Governors on the Plaza

Don’t miss one of Santa Fe’s biggest annual events. Indian Market has been happening since 1922, and the event attracts about 100,000 people for the week. Pretty good for a town of 70,000! Its a great time to stroll the Plaza, browse the artwork, and enjoy Santa Fe’s unique culture. Be sure and stop by the food vendors for some fry bread or corn-on-the-cob.

Even those who aren’t connoisseurs of native art will find something to appreciate in this festival. Being a fairly small city, Santa Fe is able to really come together in celebration at times like this. You’ll see people of all backgrounds out to enjoy this unique event. What could be more fun than spending a sunny day outside on the Santa Fe Plaza with thousands of cheerful people celebrating cultural traditions that extend back for eons. This is truly one of Santa Fe’s best events. See you there!

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