Enjoying East Side Life in Santa Fe!

One of the joys of living in Santa Fe is our warm, sunny, temperate climate that allows us easy access to nature three quarters of the year. Santa Fe’s East Side has wonderful hiking trails. My favorite is at the end of Upper Canyon Road near the Audubon Center. These trails are named after Dale Ball who donated the land for these wonderful public trails.

Last week my sons and I had about an hour and a half of free time and we decided to take a quick hike.  There are so many places to hike within about five minutes of the Plaza and we decided on our favorite Dale Ball Trail. It was the usual warm, sunny day and we had a lung expanding  30 minute uphill hike to the first ridge where you can decide to go to the top of Pacheco Peak (another 45 minutes) or join the Atalaya Trail which is more commonly accessed at St John’s College.  We met friendly hikers and dogs along the way and had moments where we had to stop to absorb the breathtaking views.  At the ridge top the Santa Fe high desert revealed itself and we could see all the way to the Sandia and Ortiz Mountains.

Santa Fe has got to be one of the most wonderful places on earth to live.  Mountain Views are everywhere, the climate is gorgeous most of the year even in mid-August when everyone else in the country is sticky with heat and humidity Santa Fe offers cool evenings and wonderfully warm dry days. I cannot wait to hit the trail on the East Side again. See you there!